How Do I Change My Blooket Banner?

Blooket has emerged as a popular educational gaming platform, offering an interactive and engaging learning experience for students. One customizable feature that adds flair to the gaming interface is the Blooket banner. This article delves into the process of changing the Blooket banner and the significance of customization.

Understanding Blooket Banners

What Are Blooket Banners?

Blooket banners are visual elements displayed at the top of the game interface, adding personalization and character to the gaming experience. They allow users to showcase creativity and create a unique ambiance within the gaming environment.

Importance of Customization

Benefits of Changing Banners

Customizing the Blooket banner offers educators and players an opportunity to personalize their gaming space. It helps in creating a more immersive and enjoyable environment, fostering engagement and enthusiasm among the participants.

Steps to Change Banner

Changing your Blooket banner is a simple process that enhances the gaming experience.

Step 1: Login to Blooket

Access your Blooket account by logging in with your credentials.

Step 2: Selecting ‘Settings’

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ section within your profile.

Step 3: Uploading a New Banner

Choose the option to upload a new banner image from your device.

Step 4: Previewing Changes

Preview how the new banner will look within the gaming interface.

Step 5: Saving the New Banner

Once satisfied, save the changes to implement the new Blooket banner.

Tips for Banner Selection

Choosing the Right Image

Select images that align with the theme or subject matter of your games.

Sizing and Formatting Considerations

Ensure the image dimensions meet Blooket’s recommended specifications for optimal display.


Customizing the Blooket banner is a straightforward yet impactful way to enhance the gaming experience. It allows for personal expression and adds vibrancy to the learning environment, contributing to increased engagement and enjoyment.


  1. How frequently can I change my Blooket banner?
    • Blooket allows users to change their banners as often as desired.
  2. Can I use any image as a Blooket banner?
    • You can upload most images, but it’s recommended to use appropriate and relevant visuals.
  3. Will changing the banner affect my games?
    • No, changing the banner won’t affect the gameplay; it’s purely aesthetic.
  4. Are there recommended dimensions for Blooket banners?
    • Blooket suggests using images with dimensions of 1920×360 pixels for optimal display.
  5. Where can I get images for my Blooket banner?
    • You can find suitable images on stock photo websites or create your own using design tools.

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